Old Love, Empty Bottles

by Baby Face Nelson



Baby Face Nelson is:

Abs "Lester Joseph" Nelson - Acoustic Guitar, Vox
Nico "Snakebite" Nelson - Bass, Vox
Sacha "The Sasquatch" Nelson - Guitar
Rikie "The Kid" Nelson - Drums, Backing Vox


released February 3, 2012

Recorded, Produced and Mixed: Pim van de Werken.
Recording assistant: Matthijs Kievit
Photograph: Samuel Otte.
Vocals: Abs Nelson.
Guitars: Abs Nelson, Ingmar Calf.
Bass: Rene Voorberg.
Drums: John Polly Nelson.
Gang Vocals: Abs Nelson, John Polly Nelson, Ingmar Calf, René Voorberg, Admiraal Oosterbroek, Pim van de Werken.
Coffee and Cake: Victor van der Griendt
All songs written and recorded by Baby Face Nelson.

Contact us at: info@babyfacenelson.nl

Or check our site: www.babyfacenelson.nl
or Facebook: www.facebook.com/BabyFaceNelsonMusic
or Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/BabyFaceNelsonMusic


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Baby Face Nelson Utrecht, Netherlands

Baby Face Nelson plays a wild mixture of country, honky-tonk and punkrock.

The result? Music to stamp your foot too and shout. But above all, music that results in massive hangovers!


  • Nov 08
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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